Mosul offensive: Fighting ISIS on the frontline in Iraq

Mosul offensive: Fighting ISIS on the frontline in Iraq

French cameraman Olivier Sarbil spent 6 weeks embedded with an elite unit of the Iraqi special forces as they struggled to recapture the city of Mosul that had fallen to Islamic State in just two days back in June 2014. Subscribe for more exclusives:

Iraq’s Prime Minister says his forces, backed by coalition airpower, have taken complete control of eastern portion of Mosul. But fierce fighting continues as Iraqi soldiers continue their push.

This film was filmed and directed by Olivier Sarbil. Produced and directed by Teresa Smith, edited by Agnieszka Liggett and reported by Andy Davies. Translation by Nazar Alrawi.

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  1. US dollars…. Hmm…. Sounds familiar isnt it… Every Muslim all over the globe is crying its NATO behind all these jihadis groups. They help and finance these terrorists besides Iran…


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