Trump warns that US has ‘targeted 52 Iranian sites’

Trump warns that US has ‘targeted 52 Iranian sites’

President Donald Trump that the United States has “targeted 52 Iranian sites” for attack should the country strike “any Americans, or American assets.”The string of tweets come after the White House formally notified Congress of the US operation that killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani.


  1. C.I.C (War) Criminal in Chief Trump is threatening, blackmailing, orders oil robbery and murder. He also abandons allies and unilaterally terminates contracts. The United States thus became a rogue state.

  2. Trump is only talking his same ol' sh*t, only because he is been declared impeachable. This is his way of going out with a BANG! No matter what the ending consequences will be. He is what he has always been a spoiled fat brat that has always been used to getting his own way and that is a simple truth. And if it takes a war to put his ego on a pedestal? Hell, he will probably be the very one to push that big red button on the very day before he steps out of office, why? Because that is what rich spoiled bullies do. They get revenge no matter what it takes or who or how many they hurt.

  3. ????????????????This is so sad to see the United States in such a bad way. The only intelligence that was used to kill Iran's top general was trump intelligence . The same trump intelligence that took a sharpie and said a hurricane will hit Alabama, the same trump intelligence that stated caravans of migrant workers will over run the southern borders, the same trump intelligence that shut down the American government putting many American citizens out of work. The same trump intelligence that pulled out the nuclear arms deal . This trump administration has the United States in a very bad position. The United States military won't decide this. What's right and just will.????????????????????????


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