Peter Boghossian, Imagine No Religion 5, Islamism & Doubt

Peter Boghossian, Imagine No Religion 5, Islamism & Doubt

Dr. Peter Boghossian’s INR5 talk, “Islamism and Doubt,” in Vancouver, Canada on May 5, 2015.


  1. Great watch. Sadly critical thinking isnt taught enough and the governments dont have much interest in doing so either. They prefer the stupid, easy to control people. The government only wants you to be skilled enough for a job, but not smart enough to ask questions.

  2. How can he manage to "goofify" this movement without attacking head-on a major religion and, henceforth, causing it to be even more entrenched as moderate, middle-of-the-road followers feel victimized ? The problem I see is not that a faction of believers that has gone rogue, but it has become radicalized, meaning to go back to the root (Latin: radix for root) to what the prophet taught. However, I like his Madison Avenue approach to this problem and his acceptance that an idea can not be addressed with military means. It's a good start anyway.

  3. Absolutely brilliant talk! Peter Boghossian is quickly becoming one of my favorite public speakers. His idea seems really obvious in retrospect. Demystify and de-glamorize ISIS. Make them look like the self-deluded fools they are. Ridicule their caliphate dream. Make it clear to young women that life as an ISIS jihad bride is nothing like the fairy tale they think it is.

    This reminds me of a story I heard about how an undercover agent had infiltrated the KKK (perhaps mid 20th century) and leaked all their goofy rituals and secret code names. And every week, they would get ridiculed by Superman comics and radio programs. KKK members would go home and find their own kids mocking the KKK and become demoralized. This constant ridicule apparently played a significant role in making the KKK a big joke and fewer & fewer people wanted to be associated with them.

    Also, Imagine No Religion seems like a cool conference/organization. Real presentations about real issues instead of the endless stream of useless, navel-gazing personal anecdotes by people with blue hair and a snarky blog that you find at some other events. I guess social justice warriors haven't taken over this one yet.


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