An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist

An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist

Ahmed Ahmed explains the challenges that are specific to a Muslim-American comedian.

This is the first in a series of videos called “The Secret Life of Muslims,” by director Joshua Seftel. We’ll be releasing more over the coming weeks.

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  1. Next week I am going to have an operation. It is complicated because the area is full of scar tissue from another operation. My female doctor is doing the operation because she is the best at this type of procedure.

    She is Iranian……no hijab. Very educated of course. I look at her and know that all Muslim fathers are not the same…he educated his daughter…she has obviously never been abused as is the stereoype for Muslim women. But there are others not as fortunate…Yemen is the Muslim country voted the worse place in the world a girl can be born. Vety different fathers there.

    Ahmed Ahmed is likable and makes cute jokes as the old Jewish comedians use to do. Of course Muslims are humans with the same good and bad characteristics as the rest of us.
    But…..I can't laugh at the ideology of his parents who are interrupted from praying to a God like Allah five times a day. Where does Ahmed stand? Is he a practicing Muslim…..????


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