Guards Of The Revolution

Guards Of The Revolution

June 2010

In this exclusive report, former senior members of the Revolutionary Guard offer a view from behind the scenes of the government following the disputed elections. A horrifying portrait from inside Iran’s security institutions and prisons.


  1. Religion is slavery and the root cause of all this bullshit. Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc ( except possibly Buddhism ) The East is fucked and so too the West. The UK, USSA , Australia are not to be followed. In fact the whole fucking earth is screwed and its all because of Religion and OIL. And when the OIL runs out, all the problems we got now will seem like a fairytale. Good luck.

  2. journeymanpictures propaganda to demonize Iran keeps getting more distorted and boring as time passes by. Is the economic crisis paying off badly? With England in debt for well over 450% of its entire annual GDP, journeymanpictures seems to be resenting a budget cut ^^

  3. What a joke of a propaganda piece.  You know its baloney when the buffoon says that Iran, a country of 70 million, needed to deploy Lebanese and Palestinian soldiers.  These people are just saying what they need to say to get asylum in the US or Europe.


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