Iran Crisis: Will Trump Waiver On The Waiver…Or ‘Hang Tough’?

Iran Crisis: Will Trump Waiver On The Waiver…Or ‘Hang Tough’?

The showdown is looming. President Trump will decide by the end of the week whether he will continue US participation in the JPCOA Iran nuclear deal or whether he will pull out, as he promised. Will he oppose virtually all of America’s closest allies and cancel the deal? What happens then? War?


  1. America, Israel, Saudi Arabia take on the world. Militarists, Racists, Fascists — Again. I recall another Axis tried a strike into Asia. History repeats – ALWAYS. Lotta money in war and these rats have their holes dug. I'm becoming convinced Trump accepted a big check from Israel's Likud sympathizers.

  2. America needs to be isolated from the international community. Let America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE have their own little club. The rest of the world will carry on without America, and limit American aggression and imperialism.

  3. Hey everybody look on the bright side USA can never get a president worse than DJ Trump and Trump hasn't ruined America yet… what are we looking at two more years of the surreal nightmare


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