Maajid Nawaz – How to fight Islamism

Maajid Nawaz – How to fight Islamism

Maajid Nawaz spoke at the Richmond Forum in 2013. You can watch the full debate here:


  1. Maajid argued that supporting those muslims who want to reform Islam is the only way forward. I don't think thats the case. Small minority of muslims who want reform can't do shit against all the wahabis and takfiris.

  2. Until Muslims and Christians give up the idea that their vision of the end of humanity is according to "their" holy scriptures, the situation will not change. Give up the idea Armageddon, the Ecstasy, and all that other crap about tribes and fulfillment of prophecies and that Noah built a ship that saved humanity. Give up the supernatural and realize there is only one life to live.

  3. hahahaaha …. majid , you talked about islam is a religion in politik way …. means you lie and you did the taqiya … hehehehehee …. islam is not a religion . islam is a political way to invade and to conquer other country with the cover of the religion ….thats the fact .


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