How to Prepare in Case of a Terrorist Attack | Disasters

How to Prepare in Case of a Terrorist Attack | Disasters

Stay safe in case of a terrorist attack by making sure you are well prepared.

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Make sure you know what to do in case you are caught up in a terrorist attack using this simple video.

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  1. Recap: Hide inside,
    get as far away as possible, but dont run, you might go out of breath
    don't eat, drink, sleep,
    make the room you're in air tight, and put wet fabric over the windows (don't bother barricading it with anything strong)
    do not take drugs from envelopes (idky you'd have one in the first place)
    take off all your clothes and put them in a plastic bag
    don't touch anyone around you, but give anyone help if they are injured or stuck. (BUT STILL DON'T COME INTO CONTACT WITH THEM)
    run WALK as far away from the terrorist(s) as you possibly can, but don't go too far away, you might need medical help (for what ever reason)


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