Jacinda Ardern says Christchurch mosque shootings were terrorist attack

Jacinda Ardern says Christchurch mosque shootings were terrorist attack

New Zealand’s prime minister has issued ‘the strongest possible condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this’ after mass shootings at two mosques. The country’s terrorism threat level has been raised and flights in and out of Christchurch were cancelled as intelligence agencies worked to secure the city
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  3. How could Ardern be fully briefed on the perpetrator only within a short space of time? How could Ardern go into precise detail about the attack? Ardern mentions four individuals as being placed under arrest but we are only made to focus on one, and that this particular individual is described by Ardern personally as an extremist. How does Ardern know that the gunman traveled extensively? If she knew so much, why didn't she act in time to save the victims? How would Ardern know so much of this individual's life to make a personal judgement of his character? How is so much known only after a short amount of time?


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