The Iran Crisis Continues

The Iran Crisis Continues

In this clip from The Randi Rhodes Show discusses President Trump’s address to the country after the Iranian Military attack. Randi also breaks down what Trump inherited from Obama’s JCPOA, the Ukrainian 737 crash and more.

The Randi Rhodes’ Show delivers smart, forward, free-thinking, entertaining, liberal news and opinion that challenge the status quo and amplifies free speech.
For ten years in a row, Randi was the number one progressive talk radio show host in America. After more than two decades of working for corporate radio, Randi decided to strike out on her own. This move allows Randi to deliver her message with no strings attached. Randi is a spot-on broad-minded journalist and broadcaster who knows the difference between a demagogue and a statesman.
Dedicated to social justice, Randi puts her reputation on the line for the truth. Committed to the journalistic standards that corporate media often ignores, The Randi Rhodes’ Show takes enormous pride in bringing the power of knowledge to her viewers.
Randi says things that make the establishment uncomfortable. She has been hunted and punished by both the liberal establishment and the right-wing lunatics.
The press has referred to her as abusive, hectoring, cocksure, a Goddess, an insatiable mind, the only proven model for how liberal talk might compete nationally, and a barroom preacher.
Knowledge is Power. So Get Some.
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