Donald Trump: US ready to strike 52 Iranian sites

Donald Trump: US ready to strike 52 Iranian sites

Despite calls for de-escalation, Donald Trump has risked increasing tensions with Iran.

The US President has warned he has targeted 52 sites in Iran and is ready to hit them “very fast and very hard” if the country follows through on its plan to take revenge over the killing of its top military general.

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  1. Qassem Soleimani was the great Iranian General who not only was unique in defending Iran and bringing safety in the country, but also provided security, safety and comfort for various countries by fighting terrorist groups such as ISIS and eliminating them from the region. But countries such as the United States and Israel, who have confessed to be the creator of ISIS, were frustrated that General Soleimani had kicked ISIS out from the region and stood up to the U.S. bullying, and plotted to assassinate him. But in order to purify their face in global communities, identified Soleimani as an evil and a terrorist. They claimed he has killed American soldiers! Soleimani destroyed ISIS, did he attack the U.S. and kill American soldiers? No, American soldiers are killed in other countries because they’re continuously invading other countries to serve the interests of Israel and the United States.
    The killer of American soldiers is the U.S. government itself, not any other country. Major General Soleimani neither killed an American soldier nor he was a terrorist, he fought against savages who cut off the heads of innocent people. The Western media may lie as much as they want, but the truth is clear crystal to those who seek it.


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