Iran in Crisis: Anti-government protests adds to pressure from abroad

Iran in Crisis: Anti-government protests adds to pressure from abroad

Anti-government protests in Iran have entered the third day. The domestic unity brought out by General Soleimani’s death has been shattered by the Iranian military’s fatal mistake in downing a passenger plane. Meanwhile, threats from the United States persist, and countries that lost citizens in the accident are looking for accountability. How can peace be restored at this critical juncture?

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  1. I question the wisdom of Iran repeatedly attacking an enemy a hundred times it's size and Power. The general was there to orchestrate more Embassy attacks and was an enemy Target. And there is no deal with the US that lets Iran become a nuclear power. Nobody trusts them. Give up there aspirations of a nuclear bomb and all sanctions go away. Simple.

  2. This democratic government who was brought during Carter has to go. People have no live what so ever. They cant breath, they have no money, no freedom of what so ever. The hell with democrats who brought these people.

  3. Iran even though it is dictatorships like rule it is allowing some kind of protests. If the same thing happened in mainland China, people don't have any right to protests, if they do then those people vanish into thin air or end up in concentration camps for organs pullout or brain washing.

  4. Iran is not a democracy. If you think so, look at how the president is really elected.
    It’s so convoluted a structure, every quasi-elected body feeds back upon itself. Khomeini designed the government as a rule by the Islamic Jurist, so if you are not a mullah or in absolute collaboration with the mullahs you can never run for office.


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