Jihad and 21st Century Terrorism

Jihad and 21st Century Terrorism

In the post-September 11 world, Al Qaeda is no longer the central organizing force that aids or authorizes terrorist attacks or recruits terrorists. Rather, it serves as an inspiration for individuals and other groups who have branded themselves with the Al Qaeda name.

Marc Sageman, a former CIA case officer in Afghanistan in the 1980s, builds upon his bestselling book, Understanding Terror Networks, to explain how Islamic terrorism emerges and operates in the twenty-first century. In the recently published Leaderless Jihad, Sageman rejects the idea that certain individuals are predisposed to terrorism. He argues that the individual, outside influence, and group dynamics come together in a four-step process of radicalization that begins with traumatic events that spark moral outrage.


  1. @bhigr you`ve got to do a google search for a journalist named “Lawrence Wright“, he goes into that. It has to do with the repression within their home countries, the lack of social outlets we`re used to. Graduating unversity doesn`t guarantee they`ll find work, work doesn`t guarantee their isolation will be alleviated. The West playing good guys VS bad guys among Muslim gov`t`s plays a role (`freeing Iraq for democacy` while we support repressive regimes like Egypt). Etc

  2. @bhigr (I could go on, but it`d be so much better if you checked out Wright yourself. I have a playlist in my channel with his lectures along with other journalists & historians)

  3. 99.9% probability that this video discusses wrongly that 911 and other terrorist attacks on the west were causes rather than reactions to western bought of dictators in mid east, et al, and western bloody covert/overt suppression of democracy). So what is the use watching it unless it is from a reputable source like wikileaks, democracy now, common drearms, et al( yeah go ahead and laugh all you wrong headed mainstream dems and republs. your new york times is a fiction like fox is a fiction)

  4. al qaeda ? ….  i wish people would research where the term al qaeda came from (a cia creation , but don't take my word for it) there is just so much bollocks being said here i don't know where to start ! … can't anyone see that the whole "war on terror"is nothing more than latest propoganda storyline being peddled by the media (owned by this military complex) ….. i can't watch anymore of this theatre 


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