The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction | Sermon by Hamza Yusuf

The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction | Sermon by Hamza Yusuf

The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction
A Friday Sermon by Hamza Yusuf
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  1. 26:45 You are the confuser…you are the author of confusion. You prostitute yourself around the rulers of UAE and promote them…you say Syrians have got what they deserved as they rose against a non Muslim ruler…you said the same about Palestinians…when simply you could have said Muslim's are not ready for power until they change themselves…

  2. Rely only on Allah and read for your own guidance and be patient and know That Allah is One everliving who never dies He is All Seeing and Acquanted of our actions Lord of mercy….Mighty He is! Sustainer of the Massive world and Lord of the tremors of the Last Day….

  3. All the talk of peace here,lol, because islamic teachings say you must be murdered just because you want to leave. It's a man made religion by the ramblings of a man who liked very little girls.

  4. Zionists want the death of not just the Muslim World but the rest of humanity. More mess the better? There also are Free-masonic lodges open and functioning in many Arab countries, which only the elites are allowed in. Here are the list of countries with lodges: Morocco(the King is a 33 degree Mason); Tunisia(former President Ben Ali was a 3 degree); Egypt(Mubarak and Sissi); Jordan(King and many cabinet members); Kuwait(PM); Dubai has a lodge(now deceased Crown Prince was a mason); Sudan; Lebanon(many Sunni and Christian politicians are masons); and some say Algeria has a "secretive lodge"….Saudi Arabia has many royal freemasons–in the hundreds–who maintain a lodge in Morocco and England for their activities. The Tower Clock in Mecca was designed apparently by a Saudi Mason and his friends in London.


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