EP19: Islam vs. Islamism—What’s the Difference?

EP19: Islam vs. Islamism—What’s the Difference?

They say Islam is a religion, but Islamism is a political ideology. How different is Islamism from Islam? Isn’t Islam inherently political? Or is the political aspect separate from Islam in 2017? Is “Islamism” an accurate term, a practical term, both, or neither? This one got a little heated. Listen to our conversation!


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  1. Poor armin. I'm sorry but he is the only one who speaking with absolute clarity. He clearly laid out the issues that will arise if we pretend that islam(quran) can be for gay rights, secularism, gender equality etc.,There will be someone who takes quran seriously in future who will appeal to masses when conditions are ripe. He gave iran and turkey as an example too. How the fuck can you argue against that. Armin made a very compelling argument. You guys seem to be sticking to the position for the sake of it and gave very shitty reasons for doing so. Also I have yet to meet a muslim who doesn't say quran is the word of god. Armin is again right on that count.

  2. Now I realized that ali and yaz are simply applying sjw garbage to this issue when they brought up the whole transgender issue. It's basically the idea that people can identify themselves with whatever they want to identify as. If 99.9% of muslims say being muslim means, you accept allah as your god, muhammad as his messenger and quran is the word of god, it's retarded and counter-productive to give some other definition(or lack there of) to accommodate that 0.1%.

  3. Why Islam have enemies..? ..and who are the enemies of Islam..?
    1-Islam against racism,all people are equal the better who are more tight and more obedient to God (but not color and not race,and not nationality give anyone higher rank or better position .
    2-Islam don't believe in system of different classes(lower upper class in society) ,nationally or internationally ,some people are higher than others ,and Islam fought from the first day to put down this system everywhere it arrived.
    3-Islam against hidden powers that rule from behind the scenes ,the one and only rulers of a nation are the elected government that have all power in their hands, so the peoples and the government are the rulers and they are the police and internal security and intelligence service, so no secret forces that act secretly and peoples don't know who they are and who appointed them to their positions and what are they actually doing,in other words no black holes on earth., people and government share the same level of information
    4- Islam against capitalism,In Islam there is very advanced financial system,there will be no super rich and nu super poor people,the poor are the responsibility of the rich ,The wealth of the nation will be shared among the people and every one get his right.Islam is not going to mix your food with blood .unless if you don’t mind it. Any one who own more than limited amount worth of assets not be allowed to live in any Islamic territories.
    5- Islam against criminals and criminality ,the most dangerous kind of criminality when criminals gain access to the governmental body,and in Islam there are many ways to eliminate those criminals and prevent them from getting positions in governments ,or getting power by acquiring money and or position in the society.
    6-Islam will liberate you from the control of media,every government in the world know very well without the powerful media they have they cannot stay in power a single day,that is why they keep control of the media to control the people ,when the people liberated they will certainly see the reality of the governments and they will turn against them and I promise you they will be not nice to them .
    7-Islam ask women to cover their heads and legs and arms in streets so people respect them as humans not as sextoys .
    8-It all started after the French revolution in 1789,when the French people met face to face with Islam in wars (we call this know your enemy) and they adopted the principles of (justice, equality and freedom ) .Enemies of Islam realized the danger they are in if Islam can trigger the same revolutions in other places in Europe because they all live under the same conditions . The only candle was lit in the darkness of Europe they were soon to put it out ,and since then Europe never left the dark ages, Next time when you revolut tell them IN THE NAME OF ISLAM we want our FREEDOM,EQUALITY,JUSTICE.
    9- Islam never lose a war or conflict or argument or a struggle or a battle. Islam holds the stick from it's top end.
    10-Consciousness and awareness in humans brain is the only thing that distinguish them from animals to recognize yourself as individual and all religions respect your Identity and provide you with reason to make you think and believe,Islam will not let any power on earth(masonery , illuminati) to occupy this area in humans brain and take control of it and turn humans to robots. easy to rule easy to control. easy to rule easy to control
    11- If someone have record,and someone never committed a crime, are they equal ..that is a question.
    12- All nations and regions adopted Islam kept their traditions and cult and never were subject for metaorphosis,only new form of life was added to them.
    13- Fidelity,all humans have aspects in their lives they think of them all the time they work hard to achieve them even fight for them , in Islam there will be a shift in fidelity and believes ,you are not going to fight or kill and get killed for money but for justice,not for piece of land but for the right,not for her pussy but for equality ,not for the rich but for the sake of humanity,not for the race but for removing the suffering imposed on others ,not for the colors of a flag but to stop injustice ,not for the sake of a single man call himself leader but for liberate your follow humans ..etc
    14-Who are humans,how they behave ,what are the characters of normal people ,how do they face the challenges ,In Islam there are plenty of guidelines to give exact details about the personality of Muslims and how they act and what they do in normal life or in conflict times ,and if you are tight to Islam ,no power on earth can change you,or physiological effects can change humans to another creature, or to be homogenized. So it is not the nice atheist but muslim is the color of planet earth..
    15-The revolution of Islam,we don't call it the revolution of Mohamed,It is a continuous and only successful rebellion in history,and it is a nightmare for every A pharaoh living now on earth or lived on earth in the last 1500 years,every other revolutions were smashed even films of revolutions in Hollywood end with failure and execution of the men who revolute This way they don't give any hope to anyone to fight for their rights but Islam is a fact on earth and continue to be .
    16- Islam was the first superpower and first nation on earth that recognize and give status and position in community for science and scientists and thinkers ,and established educational system ,and all nations learned that from Islam ,if not Islam all scientists were burned to death for witchery
    17-Islam will let your brain to grow and evolve naturally and normally,you will not stay 15 years old child in an adult body.
    18- Humans are not animals,and humans society is not wildlife of animals where there are predators and preys ,attackers and attacked,the big fish eats the small fish,and anyone want to bring back humans to this kind of life must remember that he will be the first victim to this harsh life ,instead Islam recognize the identity of individuals in society and guarantied their rights and protected them and don't allow injustice ,so who think he has the power to abuse others must know Islam have the power to smash him to pieces.

    And we don't blame those enemies they don't have future on this planet ,They are thing of the past,They have reached a dead end ,they are going to lose a lot,in fact they will lose everything
    The future is bright, ARE YOU READY.


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