Interview in Somalia with Islamist militants al-Shabaab

Interview in Somalia with Islamist militants al-Shabaab

Somali reporter Jamal Osman has been into the region for an exclusive meeting with the Islamists of al-Shabaab, a major party missing from the London summit.


  1. Asking them how they feel or see about Al shabaab won't help, and declare the peace they are seeking for.
    Go, and ask thise who are living without thise TERRORISTS, And see what they tell u about them.
    Am sure, they will immediately say, "They are TERRORISTS who don't have Religion, they kulled alot of people".
    Instead of interviewing places under their rule, interview Rhise who defeated them.
    People are afraid of them, if they say negative, then, Next night; that person won't be a live.

  2. If they are fighting with America and Europe, why are they killing Inocent (Muslums, and Non-Muslims) living in Mogadhishu and part of Kenya.
    They BOMB 300 inocent people In SOOBE STREET( Mogadhishu).
    They slaughtered Many Non-Muslim Kenyan Farmers and Bombed some of them, becouse they are not Muslims, and some of those NON-Muslims were killed becouse they can't read the Holy Quraan.
    Alshabaab Don't represent Muslims, they are faithless, kulling everyone.


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