1. Not this film – this film is good – the film the extremists make within the film – it's like when the BNP live stream an event it's always horribly framed and the sound is terrbile…

  2. You have made a point. If you want to be with Allah and don't want to be part of the west then change your life full stop. Don't use a laptop, don't get money from the government you hate, don't do protests about your faith in this country and do it in Afgan ( Won't last long). This is England and it will not change faith for your benefit because your country's are up in arms

  3. And…. I was a musician and singer in the Dorset metal band area, I don't know Ben personally but probably know peeps who do. Man… What on earth? And as to his Mum!!?? What the eff are u saying woman? And don't you dare bring your shit ass extreme Islam down here. Fuck OFF. We are peaceful peeps, we are friendly to all, but to this bs, fuck off to London and develop your fake assed accent with Rich and the rest of the extremist retards.

  4. Leave the kufaar to their devices. Let them be. No compulsion. They are falling apart in front of you. Their family unit is erased. They are clear heathens. Their offspring if any is inclined to destruction via LGBT sex drugs payday loans alcohol gambling the lot


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