Douglas Murray – QT – Multiculturalism, EDL, Islamism, Arab Spring 1/2

Douglas Murray – QT – Multiculturalism, EDL, Islamism, Arab Spring 1/2



  1. egypt. hm. as a number of egyptians have said, "islam has had 1400 years to do something for egyptians. why should they have any more time?" the only thing i think of distinction the muslims ever really did in egypt was to butcher their way into the country and burn the world's greatest library.

  2. Unbelievable, Mr. Murray calls out the appalling treatment SOME very young girls in the Asian community have to go through, the camera cuts to the audience and one white woman can be seen shaking her head in disagreement with him. Silly fucking bitch.

  3. I can’t believe that the English have been so emasculated by a bunch of Mohammedans. So much so they are willing to ignore the mass rape of their own children over the past 40 years by muslim “grooming gangs”. I find it very rich to hear a Mohammedan bleating about poor muslims being intimidated by the EDL, considering the amount of sharia patrols, hate preaching imams, the many religious and race motivated attacks on native white British people and the British media’s blatantly ignoring the problems caused by the Muslim population in Britain, not to mention the effect this is having on native white British people.

  4. Who is that muslim who proves multiculturalism works??? Then we europeans gather and come in your East, we settle and build churches right beside your muslim masks, will you easterners tolerate that??? There is no such thing as British muslims, never existed before, it is complete bullshit, you are invaders of Great Britain, and if you like your religions and multiculturalism, then move your ugly muslim, black asses and go back in your East and build all that crap there!!! leave Britain for the Native British!!!


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