This Week’s World Episode 3: Tony Blair on radical Islam

This Week’s World Episode 3: Tony Blair on radical Islam

With much of the Middle East in violent conflict, This Week’s World explores whether radical Islamist ideology can be confronted using ideas. Former British Prime Minister and Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair speaks to Emily Maitlis about new ideas to face down so-called Islamic State and the ideas behind it. We review these ideas with Muslim thinkers and former jihadis and report from Iraq, exploring the consequences of Western policy and the rise of extremism.

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  1. Tony Blair – a former British Prime Minister whose understanding of Islam resembles that of your average twelve-year-old. He thinks he can change school curricula across the globe, when everybody knows it was under his premiership that Islam was allowed to set up its own parallel education system within the UK.
    You've got to all wrong again Tony – we don't strive to change them, they strive to change us. Blair's government – more than any other – consistently enabled and encouraged the process of Islamization in the UK. The damage he and his New labour government inflicted on British society is by now probably incalculable.

  2. I know many in the comments don't like Tony Blair but what ever he says is True the modern day Islam is an extreme form of communism. Islam wants to slave other people and make them surrender to their way of life. People who love freedom for them and for their children should fight them and stop thinking about secularism and liberalism when nothing of those exists in Islamic World..!!!


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