Former CIA Operative Reveals 3 Roots of Terrorism: Wages, Liberty, Language | Amaryllis Fox

Former CIA Operative Reveals 3 Roots of Terrorism: Wages, Liberty, Language | Amaryllis Fox

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  1. Just wait until a terrorist nukes a major city. Then you will realize terrorism does pose a very serious problem. Radical Islamic Fundamentalism (1) suppresses people, (2) seeks to establish a worldwide Sharia compliant Islamic Caliphate, and (3) supports terrorism through financing and recruitment. The Fundamentalism causes the Terrorism.

  2. Wow I guess she's right, Help people then they aren't disgruntled and don't become terrorists. But does that work with Religious People? Extremists have that name for a reason

  3. Liberal bullshit she joined the CIA as a LIB and know markets the fact that she was in the CIA there are different levels of the clandestine services not everyone is trained in combat tactics and weapons she can come to my house anytime and show me how to disassemble an M4 or Glock blindfolded if she knows how. Glad she’s not in the cia anymore we don’t need another lefty deep state lib like Brennan that wants to take down the president.

  4. She doesn't mention the uncalculated "Emotional Investment" of a billion Muslims in their psychotic, caveman worldview. In the end, Muslims can not be redeemed, much less trusted. Their entire lives are built upon a solitary lie, from which multiple levels of psychopathy have evolved. The dysfunctional mentality of Islam is ubiquitous, reaching every synapse of a Muslim's mind.


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