ISIS destroys important archaeological site

ISIS destroys important archaeological site

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen details ISIS’s destruction of one of Iraq’s most important archaeological sites: the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud.


  1. What is even more sad than seeing these artifacts getting destroyed is knowing that they were one of a kind and priceless. We can sculpt their alikes today but we will never going to bring back it's antiquity and originality. It is our shame for letting these pigs gain the opportunity for making such a big historical destruction.

  2. Destroying mankinds earliest depictions for the future generations to understand the long paths they have traversed. Sad, this is done by a society once was at the forefront of progress. This is what religion does to ones perception. Once the cradle of civilization, now the graveyard of humanity

  3. all that we could have learned from these artifacts gone forever just like that. i hope every braindead scumbag involved in this is fucking dead now and suffers eternally to the maximum possible degree on every plane of existence


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