New Acting DHS Secy on Trump’s plan to designate cartels as terrorists

New Acting DHS Secy on Trump’s plan to designate cartels as terrorists

Acting Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf discusses security during holiday travel and securing the border.

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  1. Mexican cartels have been chopping off arms, legs and heads of enemies and their families on video, kidnapping american citizens for ransom and murdering them long before anyone ever coined the phrase Islamic terrorist.

  2. Ah yes nothing says intelligence like idiots supporting drone strikes on another sovereign country: destabilizing the hierarchy of the cartels and increasing violence in the streets. Its not like we’ve been fighting a war of drugs for the last couple of decades. It’s not effective, not competent, and will not solve this issue. Legalizing drugs, just like prohibition, would cut the cartels source of power and put them out of business.


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