Tom Quiggin: Terrorism Basics; Fear and Knowledge

Tom Quiggin: Terrorism Basics; Fear and Knowledge

Canadian terrorism expert Tom Quiggin tells you what you’ve always wanted to understand about terrorism at Euphrates Summit 2011 at Principia College.


  1. There is no difference between the Bible and the Quran in violence inducing passages? It seems the same to you but why are bombings only carried out by the Muslims. Making excuses for your masters Tom? Make them seem the same in your stand up routine? What a fucking disappointment you are, just another corrupt security agent. Big surprise CSIS has their own controlled opposition. Maybe you should look into the snuff films made at the federally licensed Picton Piggy Palace. Come clean on the three levels of government of Canada involvement in kidnapping drug addicted native girls from the DES of Vancouver and using them for satanic and Luciferian purposes for the deep state's extortion, snuff films and blackmail. Willie who took the fall for his immoral sister and her government connections and you immoral fucking cunts that are to protect us, you are just a psychopathic puppet for the elites. I thought you were for real but this proves you are not. Just another corrupt fucking cop.

  2. suicide bombers are well adjusted kids without bad habits from good upstanding families. Fuck You, how stupid do you think we are? What a traitorous asshole, a disinfo agent for the new world order of Luciferian devil worshippers. Have they threatened your family or are you a coward?

  3. I can explain this behavior in about 30 seconds, children in adult bodies, blaming everyone and everything else for problems they have created usually.
    You CANNOT allow children to raise children, eventually the entire society is nothing but children, no matter the physical age. It really is as simple as that……
    Tom mentions the rule of war etc… and context…. but I think he fails to see it is HOW the people see and USE that context the way that suits them, to justify their actions is the real cause, the two main cause's, not being able to accept other people view points or opinion's but they do not have the " reasoning " skills or maturity…
    The second is selfishness, most immature children that throw temper tantrum's and act out violently, do so because the do not have any other way to express or deal with that emotion…..and by doing so, they usually get their way….at least in this day and age because it has slowly spread around the world, for about the last 1500 some odd years.
    READ the BOOK, Watch the MOVIE " Lord of the Flies " and I'm pretty sure most of you will see the correlation…..

  4. You better explain the "killing infidels" rule to the Muslim side bill. I do NOT agree with you Jesus said in Luke that he would slay everyone lined up in front of him. Would like to know the context of that scripture.


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