Panic over “right wing boogeyman” obscures Socialist-Islamist alliance

Panic over “right wing boogeyman” obscures Socialist-Islamist alliance

Ezra Levant of and director of the Middle East Forum Gregg Roman discuss the long history of the far left’s alliance with Islamists. MORE:
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  1. This is pointing out the regressive liberal and regressive far-left nonsence position on things; rather than rational left voices that have countered this idiocy for decades… and we're the voices silenced by the right, by the main stream media and by those sections of the diseased far-left. Therefore nobody knows that we exist and are beginning to speak out ourselves.

  2. I am half way through the book "See Something Say Nothing" by Philip Haney & Art Moore. If anyone says that Obama was not an islamist or at best an islamist sympathizer should read it. How in a couple of short years the White House totally destroyed the US security services ability to monitor islamofascists and their masters and limit their access to the USA. The administration also insisted on the purging of all background links to persons and terrorist organizations. Our only hope is that Trump takes the time to reverse the actions of these (Antifa?) book burners and restore some sanity into, for example, border control.


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