TOP CIA Official behind Sulemani Assassination Shoot down – Iran News – Iran News Today- Iran VS USA

TOP CIA Official behind Sulemani Assassination Shoot down – Iran News – Iran News Today- Iran VS USA

TOP CIA Official behind Sulemani Assassination Shoot down – Iran News – Iran News Today- Iran VS USA

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Iran is a major player in the middles east as well as USA. Since decades, Iran and USA has been indulged in a cold war through certain proxies or direct conflict. Iran has the largest military force in the Middle East, with half a million ground troops. On the other hand, USA is a super power in the world and has certain interests in the Middle East. USA and its allies charged that IRAN invested lots of money to strengthen various militant groups outside IRAN.
During December, 2020, USA assassinated General Qasem Soleimani in a drone attack as an order by Donald Trump – the president of United States of America. Qasem Soleimani was charged as the main character in the Middle East, who was leading the militant wings against the US and its allies.
The assassinated General Qasem Soleimani was no doubt a bid development in the Middle East, which added fire to fuel and blow Iran USA crises. General Soleimani was the 2nd well-loved leader in Iran after Ayat Ullah Khamenei. The killing e of Iranian Gen Qassem Soleimani listened by the world as a breaking news. The murder of Qassem Suleimani made Iran US as a Flash Point around the world. This news spread like fire and Iran US news, Iran News 2020, Iran News , Iran VS USA Military Power, Iran VS USA, etc. became flashing keyword around the world.
According to an Iran breaking news, the Iranian supreme leader Ayat Ullah Khamenei declared that Iran would not sit silent and revenge the killing of its Iranian General. Since that day, every moment, Iran US news are coming continuously. Within a few days after this incident, Iran fired around one dozens of missiles over two USA military bases as revenge. This make the crises even more serious.
Addressing to USA nation, President Donald Trumpet urged new sanction on Iran but also invited Iran for a meaningful Iran USA dialogue. According to a latest Iran US news, President Donald Trumpet also wrote to UN to play its role.
What will be the result of current US Iran Tensions?
Will US IRAN succeed to a peaceful solution?
What will be the cost of USA VS IRAN conflict?
Will there be an Iran War?
All these questions are very serious, which everyone is asking. But Nosing is predictable.



  1. Misinformation and everybody is speculative to get more rating. But use of advance high tech weapons e.g. missiles, drones, bombs attack/ revenge armed personnel when not active/ in battle field should be condemned and global military leaders need to formulate military ethics & regulations to control such incidents,otherwise military leaders will be isolated in their home country and this new trend of attacking military leaders of enemies' opponent's army via drones/missiles while in public places or flying can become a modified version of gorilla war introduce & practiced during 19/20th centuries.
    This is very disrespectful & painful act.


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