EU warns against Israeli annexation of West Bank – TV7 Israel News 05.02.20

EU warns against Israeli annexation of West Bank – TV7 Israel News 05.02.20

Today’s top stories 05.02.20;

1) Palestinian Islamists have yet again launched a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities; prompting Israeli retaliatory strikes against Hamas positions in the southern part of the Palestinian enclave.
2) The European Union rejected the United States so-called “deal of the century” for the decades-old Israeli Palestinian conflict; and warns Israel of consequences if it would annex parts of the West Bank.
3) Bolivia has resumed full diplomatic relations with Israel, in light of a shift in La Paz’s foreign policy toward the United States.

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  1. The land belongs to all black children not Europe Our God is coming people repent songs of Solomon 1:5 we was lost but now we know and we found our king ???? and our home ???? and????????❤️???????? kingdom

  2. Give the stolen phalestinians land back.
    The Zionist Jews can take over some lands in the US in exchange.
    The republicans already kiss the zionist arse, so it should not make a difference but will bring about world peace.

  3. IDF is the worst putrid scumbags that ever existed.
    This is genocide on the works to rid the phalestinians from their ancestral lands.
    Israel never existed, as the stolen lands they occupy was called Palestine for centuries.

  4. The EU should worry about it's own survival . Their so antisemitic they can't help themselves . Israel should be working to get France and Italy out of the EU also and it will then collapse . The EU has now morphed into a Neo Nazi group of elites wining and dining on tax payers money and not paying any income taxes themselves . Absolute dictators .What are they going to do about it anyway ? Send the Belgium pedophile brigade lol.


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