U.S. warns Israel against rushing West Bank annexation – 10.2.20 TV7 Israel News

U.S. warns Israel against rushing West Bank annexation – 10.2.20 TV7 Israel News

Today’s top stories;
1) Sporadic rocket fire by Palestinian Islamists from the Gaza Strip continued to plague Israel’s southern communities over the weekend, consequently prompting Israeli retaliatory strikes against terror installations in the Hamas-controlled enclave.
2) The United States warns Israel not to assert its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, before a joint effort to map the territories is complete.
3) An Iranian attempted satellite launch failed to cross into orbit yesterday, after months of preparations by the country’s aerospace industries

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  1. Iranian nukes wont reach Israel,
    Iranian leaders was only boasting before , that their nukes can reach Israel
    but the truth is the Iranian nukes was already stations in
    Muslim countries outside Israel. that's why it can reach it capabilities eh!
    Iranian nukes in Iran is positions in the deserts so is far fr. civilizations, so it wont reach Israel.
    Israel just have to watch Muslim countries near Israel used by Iran as a buffer zones & a stations of Iran planned activities.

    Shalom for both countries!

  2. Doesn't a State required to be part of a country? THEIR NOT PART of the United States, their is only 50 states in America. I wish and hope people would recognize Israel is its own country. Their borders may be in dispute, however Israel is its OWN COUNTRY.

  3. My country the United States has no business telling Israel what to do with its own land. I love my country and my president but this is wrong and there is a price to pay for interfering. God watches over Israel night and day.


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