Violent Islamists in my town

Violent Islamists in my town

Last resort, whilst fighting cancer Nigel speaks out against violent honour attack against him and his family in the North East of England.
The awful act carried out by well known mosque committee member in Middlesbrough, an individual who also happend to be former campaign manager of ex mayor Ray Mallon,
This muslim man led a gang style attack against an 18 year old Nigel, now 32 years old and fighting cancer, self claimed patriot Nigel Singh speaks against those who brought pain upon him.
Singh declares he will not be silenced or intimidated anymore, as he states “truth will always rise for all to see, high above the deception of cultists”. As a Sikh Englishman he not only fights for his life, he fights for righteousness and justice using his voice, speaking up in British society. A great injustice that became the catalyst for him to share his thoughts.


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