Islamism Simulator 2015

Islamism Simulator 2015

A marvelous game soon to be released by the Qatari game developer Miracle Goat Interactive. In this game you take the role of a young enthusiastic Islamist, willing to fight to death in order to unite the Muslim community and destroy the great Satans of the west and east.

The game offers a variety of gameplay:
Up to 30 different nations of origin can be selected which all come with unique perks such as proficiency in English, rapping or social media.

Reestablish the Islamic caliphate:
The entire world is your promised land.

Become a badass Mujaheddin:
Make a twitter account and show the entire how much of an violent and narrow-minded psychopath asshole you are.

Proselytize the heretics:
Make sure that in your Islamist Disneyland there can only be one true interpretation of Islam. Why would anyone worship a stone anyway?

“Immersive Serious Islamism Simulator” will soon be available for $10 on Steam:



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