Koran Handouts in Germany: Freedom of religion vs fears of Islamism

Koran Handouts in Germany: Freedom of religion vs fears of Islamism

Islamic radicals have been distributing free copies of the Koran in downtown Berlin – sparking concerns about the spread of Muslim extremism in Europe. There’s nothing illegal however about the move – which those behind it say is freedom of expression. RT’s Egor Piskunov investigates.

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  1. everything? the german people weren't fooled by jews in world war 2. what sense would that make? they were fooled by jews into killing jews? great plan, yeah.
    and they are being fooled into supporting the islam? by jews again? they are not being fooled, these salaphists (or whatever they're called) just hand out korans. that's not fooling anyone into anything and is met with great distrust by the general public.

  2. You are ignorant. Hitler was a rothschild, even wikipedia admits it let alone all other non luciferian historians. Hitler and all the nazi high command were occult luciferian, that is main line history. Hitler was friends with the british royal family(saxe-coburn gotha/german). Hitler and the bolshevics were trained and funded by the london and new york bankers. Watch my Favorited videos and search it. Try prison planet . com also. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. So, lets look at the LIES in this video:
    – violence against women in the quran…try reading it first
    – This group has NEVER promoted violence
    – the Quran does not promote violence
    – Islam does not promote violence
    – praying is not "extreme"

    Thank you RT for telling a BIG FAT LIE!

    – They say "approximate meaning of Quran" because it is merely a translation. Only in Arabic is it the actual Word of God
    – Allah is merely the Arabic word for God!


  4. I would love a copy of the Koran. To study it and its multiple translations. also, it's multiple interpretations! I would study weather or not it speaks of the satin's 4 MAJOR HIDDEN DYNASTIES each one essential to the working of the whole, which is the beast AKA the SYSTEM –  those 4 being RELIGION, POLITICAL, EDUCATIONAL AND ECONOMIC !  please send a copy to Matt Sampson @ 25 Howe St. Rutland, Vermont, 05701, Thanks


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