From Sayyad Qutb to Seyyed Khamenei: The Islamist Challenge of Modernity

From Sayyad Qutb to Seyyed Khamenei: The Islamist Challenge of Modernity

April 7th 2017

Abbas Milani is the Hamid & Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University and a Professor (by courtesy) in the Stanford Global Studies Division. He is also one of the founding co-directors of the Iran Democracy Project and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. His expertise include U.S.-Iran relations as well as Iranian cultural, political, and security issues.

For the last century, modernity has been the most enduring challenge facing Muslim societies of the Middle East. What does Sayyad Qutb, the grand theorist of the Muslim Brotherhood in predominantly Sunni Egypt, share with Sayyad Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the predominantly Shiite Iran, in their challenge to Modernity?


  1. Both Qutb and Khomeni were Terrorists , The Godfathers of Modern day Sunni terror groups and Usuli shia terror groups.
    And The Islamic Golden Age was mastermind by the Ismaili Fatimids of Egypt , North Africa and the Lavant plus the Mu'tazili Abbassids of Baghdad and Persia . Both have nothing to do with the Sunnism of Qutb and Usuli Shiism of Khomeni .
    Ismailis view the divine Law in an Esoteric manner , they called it " Batini Ta'wil " and they trash the Literal Meaning of the law
    Mu'tazilites View the divine law in a rational manner , they trash everything going against Logic and reason .
    Both Ismailis and Mu'tazilis rejects the divine laws as understood by Sunnism and Usuli Shiism .


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