Iraqi Sunni Cleric: ISIS are Dogs from Hell (English Subtitles)

Iraqi Sunni Cleric: ISIS are Dogs from Hell (English Subtitles)

Exclusive translated by Monitor Mideast. Interview broadcast on June 13, 2014.

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    Ever since Mogadishu, the USS Cole and 9-11, it has been the factious relatives of the House of Saud, and the equally contentious royal sheiks of the house of Thani in Qatar, that have been financing and controlling the various Sunni,  or Wahhabi ( named after an ancestor of the House of Said) or Salafel, Old Man of the Mountain" assassin sects.  These jihadist groups are the private mercenary armies of these various princes, our ostensible, duplicitous "allies" of Saudia Arabia and Qatar. ISIS is just another  ninja-like religious fanatic group of zealots, probably controlled by Thani royal oil princes.  But our politicians are treasonous, bribe taking and business partners of these sheiks and Zionist/Kazar bankers.  This Zionist-Sunni- Socialist alliance , is so powerful that after 15 Saudi nobility attacked on 9-11, George Bush and his Carlyle Sheiks exonerated the Saudis  and attacked an innocent nation. NATO helped Saudi Arabia eradicate any potential rival to these Persian Gulf potentates. Libya, Syria, Iran and any rival to Riyadh is to be reduced to ruins by the US + Janissaries of  Arabia and Qatar and vassals of Tel Aviv.  This triumvirate of evil has the goal of the emasculation, enslavement, and eradication of all Shia, Hindus and every bourgeois, Conservative, Capitalist, Constitution-loving, Christian, Caucasian, males in the private sector.


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