CN Rail Pipeline Protesters Encouraged To Use Terrorism

CN Rail Pipeline Protesters Encouraged To Use Terrorism

CN Rail Pipeline Protesters Encouraged To Use Terrorism

Industry warns of empty shelves as CN rail blockade reaches ninth day

Shutdown of Canadian National Railway lines leads to propane shortages

Trudeau calls for ‘dialogue’ as blockade cripples rail network, while Scheer says clear out the protesters

Rex Murphy: Climate zealots have taken Canada hostage. And our PM is missing in action

Radical blogs are instructing activists on how to sabotage Canada’s train tracks

EXCLUSIVE: Left-wing websites instruct activists to use thermite to “destroy” Canadian infrastructure

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  1. The fun thing about this is the Government has no issue sending in large numbers of combat armed RCMP into unseeded First Nations territory which is entirely wrong on many levels. They never signed a treaty with the Crown (the invader) and they never recognized the forced elected tribal government. Yet the Feds are entirely happy NOT doing the same to a mainly white protest that will see major cities having a boil warning in days (which is beyond ironic)
    Is this deliberate? Probably not. Is it a huge disgrace? Absolutely
    Pearson Airport is 2 to 3 ice days away from having no deicer


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