Trump Vows to Designate Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Groups

Trump Vows to Designate Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Groups

U.S. President Donald Trump appears intent on following through with his plan to formally designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations. His announcement has put the Mexican government on the defensive. VOA’s Ardita Dunellari looks at the political impact of such a move and its effect on bilateral relations with Mexico.
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  1. A wise use of our military !! we should be using our military resources to fight this obvious terrorist threat to our nation But we have morons like the governor of virginia wanting to use our military resources to disarm law abiding gun owners but wont use that same resource to fight the criminal empire that plagues our nation Wake up people ! what the governor of virginia wants to do amounts to little more than A COMMUNIST MOVEMENT LIKE MEXICO & VENEZUELA their government took the right of the people in those countries to protect themselves and look what happened folks

  2. Rumors has it trump had some financial business with a mexican cartel during the 1990's. Not drugs necessarily. Though given trump's history of not paying debts I doubt it. As he'd be long dead.

  3. Let amercia help, and finish what was suppose to be dealt with years ago, all we want is safety and peace for the people of Mexico and the tourists that come to see Mexico. The military will do some damage towards the cartlels, mark my words.


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