Phil Haney, Egyptian-Christians air alarm: Islamist-influenced Libs corrupt, compromise US security

Phil Haney, Egyptian-Christians air alarm: Islamist-influenced Libs corrupt, compromise US security

http://DemocracyBroadcasting.TV Egyptian-American Copts validate the concerns of DHS whistlelbower, Philip Haney (“See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad”). They agree that Democrats in power would continue the problems of Obama administration’s ‘enabling’ Islamism and inhibiting US agencies’ security standards.


  1. Pretty obvious Baracka Hussein Obama was installed as successor to Bush(s) and Clinton…. Trump (I'm still hopeful) was an accidental interruption, one of the reasons for the All Hands effort to remove him by any means!

  2. The democrat party =The Muslim Brotherhood.
    The Muslim Brotherhood was the closet allies of Adolph Hitler and the NAZIs.
    Anyone who calls President Trump and his supporters NAZIs, are complete morons.

  3. I'm so sad…and frustrated…and angry. How long, O Lord, will the wicked flourish and succeed in killing those who are brave enough to shine a light on their evil acts? How long will good people remain blind to this deceptive group and the media that supports them? HRC and Hussein, Inc. actively plundered and destroyed Libya and supported MB from that moment on. The death and destruction that followed has been epic! Please pray for the upcoming elections in the US. Pray for those who have been affected by the ongoing destabilization of the region. Pray for children who have never known anything but war and rubble, fear and deprivation. Pray for the survivors of torture and trauma. Pray for those who are trying to help. Pray for truth and justice to prevail…And, please vote come November.

  4. islam annihilates it does not assimilate! Islam brought down the Byzantine Empire, it took 1000 yrs but Byzantine was annihilated! America is the Byzantine Empire today, and it too is under assaullt by islam, not with war but with terrorism, infiltrate gov't, financing illegal immigration to EU and America to thepoint it is changing the christian Demographic of Western Democracies! Salvini, Brexit, Lepenn, Orban, Trump will crush the globalist agenda that with their promotion of the illegal muslim invasion of Europe and America, has destroyed the nation state culture, saftey and cultural demographic! Church bells will ring and crosses will be displayed! There is no place in western Democracies for sharia, koran and mosques! You want sharia, rapegangs, hijabs, …. stay in the arab world, why did you come here? ! TRUMP 2020 there is no alternative!


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