Terrorism in the New York Times

Terrorism in the New York Times

The New York Times bends over backwards to avoid using the term “terrorist.” They do make one exception.

If you find their one exception unacceptable, please write to the New York Times Public Editor at Public@nytimes.com.

For more information on anti-Israel media bias, go to www.HonestReporting.com


  1. I would write to the ny time but my words would fall in deaf ears. In reality the ny times is extremely anti-Semitic and will continue to be so. All we can do is share the truth with the world and pray that every enemy of Israel will fall, and they will. YESHUA MESSIAH is promised to destroy the enemies of Israel in Zechariah Ch 14.

  2. It's amazing how the New York Times gets worse every year. More reasons why it's best to patronize another, more reliable news source like Fox News that actually practice real, objective journalism compared to the lamestream media.

  3. Thank for for your vital reporting in holding up these horrendous misrepresentations in the media to the light of day. One request, would you please stop referring to these Arabs as "Palestinians". If you understand the history of this land and conflict then you know that Jews are the original Palestinians. The uninformed world have bought into the lie that there is a "Palestinian nation" and a land of "Palestine" because the media perpetuates the Arab propaganda lies. Most of the Jews I know, including the pro-Israel media and the Government of Israel are guilty of this. They are Arabs, Arabs, Arabs! Palestinian Arabs if you must. And then you should mention Palestinian Jews as well. My Jewish great-grandparents lived in Jerusalem in 1920 – 1940. They had British identity cards describing their nationality as "Palestinian". The reason why these murdering Arabs gain so much sympathy is because the world identifies them as, not Arabs but, Palestinians. The reason why maps are labelled "Palestine" is because "we" perpetuate the myth of the "palestinian people". Friends shrug and tell me "we have lost that battle already". How pathetic! I will remind what Winston Churchill said when asked to explain the secret of his success. He said, "I can explain that in five words, never, never, never give up."

  4. NYT article written most likely by a haskalah leftwing fellow Jew who drives his Audi on shabbos to McDonalds to get a bacon cheeseburger…into helping civil rights for all others who often hate us and commit terror or violence…lives in Manhattan or LongIsland most likely and went to some WASPy university for journalism …I am surrounded by these putz…Meshuga..kranken kopfhs!

  5. Correction It was 1895 when Adolph Ochs bought New York Times. HIs great grandson is Episcopelian/Anglican:

    Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.
    Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.AKA Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

    Born: 22-Sep-1951
    Birthplace: Mt. Kisco, NY

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Anglican/Episcopalian
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Publisher

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: New York Times Publisher

    Father: Punch Sulzberger (previous NYT publisher)
    Mother: Barbara Winslow Grant
    Sister: Karen Alden Sulzberger
    Mother: Carol Fox Fuhrman (step-mother)
    Sister: Cynthia Fox (half-sister)
    Sister: Cathy J. Sulzberger (half-sister)
    Wife: Gail Gregg (artist, m. 1975)
    Son: Arthur Gregg Sulzberger (b. 1981)
    Daughter: Ann Alden Sulzberger (b. 1983)

    High School: The Browning School, New York City (1970)
    University: BA Political Science, Tufts University (1974)

    The New York Times Publisher (1992-)
    The New York Times Assistant Publisher (1987-92)
    The New York Times Production Coordinator (1985-87)
    The New York Times Advertising (1983-85)
    The New York Times Reporter (1981-82)
    The New York Times Washington correspondent (1978-81)
    The Raleigh Times Reporter (1974-76)
    Member of the Board of The New York Times Company (as Chairman, 1997-)
    American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
    Quadrangle Group Limited Partner
    World Economic Forum
    World Press Freedom Committee Advisory Committee
    Issued Concealed Carry Permit New York City
    Sulzberger-Ochs Family

    Bill Cunningham New York (24-Mar-2010) · Himself


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