Trump Unconcerned As Stock Market Plummets On Coronavirus Fears

Trump Unconcerned As Stock Market Plummets On Coronavirus Fears

As the coronavirus crisis continues to snowball around the world, the U.S. stock market suffered big losses, while President Trump continued to predict a rosy outcome. #Colbert #DemDebate #Coronavirus

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  1. Pretty easy to sit there and be an arm chair quarterback. Here's an idea why don't you and your liberal friends put politics aside work together to solve this virus. Instead of hyping it to slam Trump. Who knows the dems might be seen in a different light and pick up some extra votes.

  2. Well, it is an issue. Maybe not a world-ending issue but bad and it will get worse because our approach is to ignore it and hope it goes away on its own. That approach will nearly always just make it worse given time. How often does ignoring a grease fire in your kitchen and hoping it just goes away on its own work?

    We have 60 infected in the USA by official stats last I checked but that number comes from only testing 460 people total in the nation out of a population of 320,000,000. And in one town in Wyoming, it has already become endemic. This means any semblance of containment has been broken and there are local infections starting to appear from those who have not left the region. This means it is well past the point where it is simply an issue for china and those who traveled out of the nation let alone to China.

    Last I checked there were 64 nations ours included infected. China was caught under-reporting in the Shangdong province under a direct order of their government by 52 times the real confirmed number. This is from a leak of official government records. If they are ordering it in one area and not even the area it started then do you think they are not doing it in other areas?

    Beyond this Iran, Taiwan, North Korea, and Italy have all also been caught under-reporting to a degree of at minimum 50% the numbers of confirmed infected. This being said we are not 100% sure of the exact fudging of the numbers yet, just that there is at minimum double the number being reported in these nations.

    The UK, USA, France, Germany have all been caught claiming low numbers despite not testing. Our ratio in the USA of infected to tested is roughly 13%. If we actually tested it would likely be closer nation-wide to 2%-5% on the high end and if we took measures to contain it, the spread would likely be minimal. This being said it would have a large impact on our economy like it did in china before they started lying and just said fuck it people can just drop dead in the streets.

    The USA is refusing to deal with the threat like most nations due to the impact it would have on the economy nothing more. American deaths no big deal, a hit to the stock market oh man that is a real issue.

    My advice is Don't panic because panic will just make the issues worse faster. That being said take measures on your own to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, because the government and not just ours will do nothing to deal with the threat until there are people dropping dead in the street like in China and Iran have right now. It is even questionable if they will do something at that point

    Things you can do in your everyday life to lower risk of infection and its spread;
    wash your hands regularly so you don't get sick, choose leisure activities that do not involve huge crowds so you will be at lower risk, Cough in your elbow so others will be less likely to get infected if you are infected, Perhaps ware a medical mask this lowers risk of infection spread if you are sick and lowers risk of you being infected if you are not infected, clean your living space well to ensure germs are kept to a minimum this lowers the risk of infection, If you are sick take a sick day if you are able this lowers the risk of spreading the infection if you are infected, eat a balanced diet high in vitamin C this will raise your chance of fight off the infection if you are infected.

    Things you can do to prepare for a bad case scenario;
    Just in case there is a lockdown at some point have 2-3 months of non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, and basic necessities. Lockdowns normally last 2-3 months if they happen.
    Have basic medical supplies in your home in case you need to self treat this will likely only be an issue in a lockdown or if your local medical services have a low capacity to population ratio. Stock up on 2-3 months of any needed prescription medications in case of a lockdown. And yes lockdowns are legal in the USA it is a form of quarantine that is legal in a state of emergency where they quarantine a whole community until the virus could be said to have run its course.

    Beyond that just don't panic it always makes things worse when people panic.

    This being said out of the 64 nations infected the USA included, they are making it clear not one of them cares about preventing deaths or saving lives of their citizens all they care about at least as of now seems to be their economic health. It seems to be an outlook of "well you plebians can die in a ditch so long as you don't stop giving us your money". I blame corruption and Greed but that is not really the issue at hand it is simply compounding the issue of the pandemic.

    Well, best of luck to all and be cautious of the illness but remember don't panic.

  3. John. John. Keep that prop!
    Anyway.. who at this point is thinking that people… all over the world.. heading off to Japan for the Olympics is a viable idea?

  4. Hell, the only place I could find alcohol to use as a disinfectant was at the liquor store, two 60oz bottles of overproof vodka, disinfectant inside and out. I'm prepared ????


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