Australia fires: The animals struggling in the crisis – BBC News

Australia fires: The animals struggling in the crisis  – BBC News

Almost 2,000 houses have been destroyed in Australia’s months-long bushfire crisis, officials say, as crews prepare frantically for worsening conditions.

After ferocious conditions last week, firefighters are using milder weather to boost containment lines around fires engulfing south-eastern Australia.

Temperatures are likely to soar again on Friday, prompting fears that two fires could form a new “mega blaze”.

At least 25 people and millions of animals have died since September.

Australia is fighting an unprecedented bushfire season, fuelled by record temperatures and widespread drought.

On Tuesday, New South Wales (NSW) officials said fires there had claimed 1,588 homes and damaged 653 more.

About 200 homes have been destroyed in neighbouring Victoria, adding to more than 100 lost in other states.

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  1. I have some Australians replying to comments reguarding me telling the truth about the fires being started by people… which they are and also 2 nd thing is that I do study earth sceinces and geology and the sceinces that affect our earth.
    One thing people don’t get is that the earth goes through periods of bad weather and storms changes on its own long long before you were ever born.
    Infact sun spots and the relative distance of the moon to the earth have great affects upon the earths weather patterns and tidal rise so climate change Nutcases use these scientific facts to use against ignorance in people who do not know the difference
    However there are those that after being educated just are plain stupid to refuse to accept proven facts.

  2. The earth went through an Ice age not long ago and is warming up
    There’s irrefutable facts that the earth was a massive green lush place of life … over time asteroids and super volcanic eruptions have created various long lasting affects in landscape changes with life as well… archeological finds have concluded many extinction periods were due to super cataclysmic occurrences
    Which changed the life that existed into forming new types of life over short to long periods.
    If you want to know the deserts of Africa and turkey were all lush green forested areas till people and the old giants that roamed the earth has destroyed a lot.
    Yes I do study alit if the ancient stuff which not one but quite a few people wrote about the giants and including the biblical texts.
    The giants were the offspring of the fallen known as the nephillim they had the genetically evil seed they lived in a land lright next to Israel to they were dispersed all over.
    They possess at the time knowledge of sceinces and acrchetecture engineering they built the mammoth stone quarries and structures.
    Your governments know this but want all the truth to be taken outa text books and not ever be taught
    I spoke to a philanthropist who also studies this stuff to he explained to me that the world is iso use to believing in something and will be very difficult to teach the truth to close minded people who will have some adverse reaction negatively about these facts.
    However the same people will never and or not ever try to research as much as possible the truths I say here.
    But the giants and a couple kings who destroyed all the forests of Africa and turkey were pure evil.
    The old ancient writings told about how they would devour all the living creatures and chop down and destroy the land as much as possible. It’s very interesting read some of Joseph lumpkins books that’s one author.

  3. The climate change thing has been disproven by real scientists who then list their jobs because they didn’t fit the global agenda to promote something that don’t exist.
    However the true snow and ice data is fact . Google search the snow and ice data they don’t want you to learn about
    I found that the truth is amazing once your infected by it rather than a virus of BS
    The truth is that the attic circle not only expands and contracts as seasons come and go but it’s getting larger creating much more Ice shelf packs.
    I every year in the winter in northern midwestern states the average temps in Minnesota North Dakota Wisconsin and several other states can be at -55 degrees to -20 degrees on average every year????
    How do I know this well I travel all over the U S and I work in a specialized field … and slot of my co workers live and travel in these states and regions every year they tell me how cold and brutal it is there but you will never hear a climate changer ever adress these facts and that when massive stow storms and blizzards white out conditions are happening it’s nevef mentioned on national news
    Bi regularly speak to people in North Dakota Minnesota Iowa Indiana Wyoming Utah in majority of those states there’s these conditions of super snow storms but the media downplays them
    I remember working in Iowa one year as I left in mid November a massive snow storm was on my heels as I traveled south to go back home as my co worker stayed on the project he told me that a white out occurred blizzard …
    I said as I watched the weather on television the weather news people not one time ever mention this storm and the others that followed behind ….
    If you think there isn’t a conspiracy to falsely tell you that global warming by a massive scale then your an idiot there’s no hope for you …
    I live in the south and ever year it’s the same type of weather and temps year in year out there will be slight changes yes …but nothing so drastic that we are all so dying
    So hurry hurry run for your lives to caves and hide due to climate change and global warming run. Forest run..

  4. In California the morons are setting fires to the forests to get federal aid … several arsonists were caught I was in California at the time and then the news never mentioned nationally that arsonists created the fires but they did mention climate change and global warming was the culprit…. still believe in this BS agenda well your definitely lost and wil

  5. Australia has the World Record for causing the extinct for more animals since invasion by white man – (232 years ago) than any other Country in the world has done in THOUSANDS of years. Now we have abt 100 more species that will be added to that list, — just to make sure no other country will be able to catch up or over take away our record.

  6. As @ 7th Jan. 2020 A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia's fires. The number of kangaroos, koalas, and others killed keeps skyrocketing.

    More than 100 threatened species hit hard by Australian bushfires, pushing many towards extinction
    Nearly 50 threatened species believed to have had more than 80% of their area affected, including seven critically endangered plants

  7. On the bright side all the animals won’t be farting co2 into the air and destroying the planet. And with less animals more people will become vegetarian and with less land to grow plants on , people will save the planet by repurposing the windows in their homes by growing their own food using available sunlight and water runoff from the burned land. The wealthy land owners will have to move to the environmentally friendly big city and live in a Work/ live/ shop commune. Vote Democrat AOC in USA Save our planet


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