Im Vs 3 Brutal’s on Fields of Isis !! | Chemical Warfare Mod | C&C 3: Kanes Wrath , Live Gameplay

Im Vs 3 Brutal’s on Fields of Isis !! | Chemical Warfare Mod | C&C 3: Kanes Wrath , Live Gameplay

so today i decided to go for something different , a 1v3 vs Brutal Steamroller scrin on the hard mod Chemical Warfare !! Sit back and enjoy 🙂

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Video recorded , Edited and owned by ItzTeeJaay


  1. Oh God you guys don't know how this thumbnail and title ripped my mind apart for a moment xD
    I played the "Supreme Commander" series a long time ago and a very popular map in all three games was Fields of Isis, my personal favorite as well, so seeing the name Fields of Isis and C&C units / structures was too much for me too handle for a little moment xD great video tho, keep it up!

  2. Only one thing in the world better than grandma's cookies: FIREPOWER, and TJ has a lot of it. I have hit the like button. Looking good out there! Nice use of base expansion. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Next week we will have the AMAZONS, the TRIFFIDS, and the TRIPODS in a 1v1v1 match. Or not. Add a little info on the side. It does not matter if you hit the DISLIKE button. YouTube still sees that as ACTIVITY (viewers vs subscribers).

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