Does the U.S. Create Terrorists?

Does the U.S. Create Terrorists?

Watch: Can Censorship Be Good?
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The Polish ex-president admitted to allowing the CIA to run a secret interrogation prison on Polish soil, otherwise known as a “black site.” So what exactly is a black site?

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CIA ‘Black Sites’: The Secret Prisons Where The US Held Its Terror Suspects
“Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay is the most well-known facility where the CIA committed ghastly acts of torture in recent years, but foreign terror suspects were also subjected to beatings, waterboarding and rectal feeding, among other brutal acts of violence, in secret sites across the globe.”

Globalizing Torture
“Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commenced a secret detention program under which suspected terrorists were held in CIA prisons, also known as ‘black sites,’ outside the United States, where they were subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ that involved torture and other abuse.”

Now Can Torture Survivor Khaled El-Masri Have His Apology?
“The CIA’s unlawful detention and torture of Khaled El-Masri has left him “a broken man,” according to a McClatchy article published yesterday.”

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Can Censorship Be Good?


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  1. america is the leader of terrorists. america train them, give them latest weapons and fund them. Then pretends to fight against them america is threat to world,especially for Russia , China,

  2. They classify other as terrorist countries! When America killed more than one million and 400,000 Iraqis and 120 million American Indians and 2 million Afghans and kidnapped 60,000 Vietnamese children and bombed Japan with the nuclear forces and killed hundreds of thousands of them

  3. united states is NOT the mostpowerful country it lost to north vietnaM on April 30,1975 it would get smashed by china destroyed by RussiA and decimateD and non existent by IndiA tigeR''' regardless of 650BN defense budget.


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