Hundreds asked to self-isolate due to coronavirus fears

Hundreds asked to self-isolate due to coronavirus fears

Hundreds of people who travelled from Iran to Australia are being asked to self-isolate in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt told Sky News he expected the number of coronavirus cases to rise after six new cases were recorded in New South Wales in just 24 hours.

Mr Hunt warned anyone who travelled from Iran to Australia after February 19 to self-isolate for two weeks.

He said, “it’s clear that the numbers were inadequate and unreported from Iran”.

“Once that became clear we took the immediate action”.

The federal government has also updated its travel advice, with the latest warning issued to not travel to either China or Iran due to fears of the virus.

Approximately 900 people arrive from Iran into Australia each month.

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  1. When I rock up to a new country the fist thing I want to do check the place out new sights new sounds another words spread the disease we are going to be attacked on multiple fronts by this virus

  2. Govt says don’t stock up on supplies why not? They haven’t stocked up yet? These idiots have done nothing to stop this virus getting into the country there continued weak response s completely ineffective. They’ve been months behind the latest information ????the govt next week- people should stock up????????it’d be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. So Iranians transiting through Malaysia and Thailand now??


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