Ep. 174 – ‘Whiteness is Terrorism’

Ep. 174 – ‘Whiteness is Terrorism’

Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey goggle at the foolishness that makes it into mainstream newspapers. They also discuss how (not) to talk about the coronavirus, CALEXIT, ICEcapades, wise Greeks and idiot Germans, treachery in Virginia, and whether they will ever again have to talk about Elizabeth Warren.

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  1. Another great podcast. Thanks guys! I am looking forward to the AMREN conference on May 29th in Montgomery Bell Tennesse! I hope you don't cancel it due to Coronavirus…we are not afraid! It's Just the flu!

  2. MMMMMMMMMM, 64 year old white man here, 2002 open heart surgery in 2002, a 4X bypass and 3 stents a few years ago and I still work, NOBODY gives me FREE BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER, I guess either these 'needed illegals' either don't qualify for work or too lazy to work ? When my Father was alive if you didn't cook and have a JOB to buy food you STARVED, 80%% FREE food displays to me their parents are FREAKING LAZY


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