SYRIA Vlog 2020 – Palmyra after ISIS. رحلتي إلى تدمر سوريا

SYRIA Vlog 2020 – Palmyra after ISIS. رحلتي إلى تدمر سوريا

A day trip to the ruined city of Palmyra, Syria, in January 2020.
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This video is NOT intended to be political, which should be evident by the content of it. Please try to keep the comment section civil.

In this vlog, our group visits Palmyra, an ancient city in the Syrian desert which was occupied by ISIS (Daesh) twice.

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  1. Woow, amazing vlog ????
    Welcome to Syria with ❤

    I don't know whether you visited my city or not "City of Hama", it's a wonderful city and famous of "Water Wheels" that were built by ancient Romans.
    And City of Afamia (Hama country side) which is similar to Palmyra in its pillars and ruins.

    BTW, I could not visit my country, because of the war ????

    Once you visit Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), it'll be my pleasure to meet up.
    I'm a member of Jeddah Couch surfing (my profile ????)

    Best Regards

  2. I am syrian and i feel very happy when people come to see my country and share their experiance to the world to show the real of syria without war .. I hope you enjoyed it and you are welcome always❤


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