Tom Trento explains how the London jihad attack on March 22, 2017 indicates the beginning of the beginning of increased low-tech, Muslim jihad attacks in the West. The Islamic State along with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are developing an operational methodology through the use of the internet that unleashes jihadi fighters in the streets of civilized Western countries. Trento maintains that the West, in particular, America must work ceaselessly to delegitimize the ideological foundation of the comprehensive political/theocratic system we know as Islam. In order to effectively name the enemy and fight the enemy at its core, it is essential to clear up the confusion between the use of the terms, Islam and Islamism. Until that controversial issue is resolved, the West is at a deadly disadvantage in this epic battle between good and evil.


  1. Fantastic video. Firing on all cylinders with Facts and Evidence backed up with more facts and evidence telling a story about the theocratic governmental philosophy called Islam.

    Simply Islam, not Islamism or Islamist. It is up to the followers of Islam to clean up their own house not the West or any of the 'others'. If the followers of Islam are unsuccessful using reason and the codified Islamic texts to rid themselves of violent Jihad against different Islamic sects and the infidel non-Muslim then perhaps these followers of Islam need to look inward and act outward in the Muslim community with a zeal and purpose to save themselves from themselves. Thank you

  2. Let's not forget that innocent muslims, elderly, mums and dads and kiddies in their hundreds are being slaughtered in Mosul just this week. And how many British bombs and missiles and cluster bombs killed innocent muslims, elderly, mums and dads and kiddies this week in Yemen guided to their targets by British military advisers on-the-ground?

    Such holy-than-thou people these kafir.

  3. It would be the biggest mistake to move any embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, just because no decent country or state should acknowledge the occupation of one country by another country. Therefore, Tel Aviv is the capital of modern Israel and not East Jerusalem. It is already bad enough that almost the whole world forgets what happens in Palestine, everything based on the totally obsolete misconception and doctrine of the Zionist movement. Do not forget we are dealing in the Israeli government and Parliament with Zionist extremists of all kinds. Do not we think it is about time the moderate politicians take over power and reach a peace agreement that suits all parties. Extremism leads to nothing at all. As we can see in Trumpocracy. God bless allmoderate people and politicians of the world. Just let Beelzebub and Lucifer take care of the rest.

  4. infidels according to Islam are NOT people of the book….meaning Jews or Christians. it refers ONLY to people who do NOT believe in YHWH or ALLAH…meaning the ONE and ONLY GOD. The Jews and Muslims both DO NOT believe Yeshua-Jesus-Asah is God. Muslims give HONOR to Asah as a Prophet and Messiah who will return for Armageddon to rescue all believers of God…..please United West…get educated. Don't confuse Islam with Terrorist…..shame…


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