South Africa’s White-Supremacist Terrorists

South Africa’s White-Supremacist Terrorists

Blind Faith (2003): The ‘Boeremag’, or Afrikaaner Army, are determined to bomb their way back to a white South Africa. But just why did a small army of 4000 they think they could succeed?

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In 2002, bombings attributed to Boer supremacists and the discovery of arms caches on Boer farms reaffirmed the ‘White Right’ as South Africa’s primary internal security threat. It is alleged that their plan was to create a state of confusion through bombings, mobilize an army of 4000 men, drive out ‘Blacks and Indians’ and declare a Boer Republic. The ambitious plan perhaps owes its confidence to a Boer War era prophet, Siener, or ‘The Seer.’ He foresaw the fall of Afrikaaner South Africa, followed by a revival of white supremacy and a plan to reinstate a Boer Republic. His prophecies almost perfectly reflect the course of action taken by the Boeremag. We may never know their exact motives, but this is a fascinating look at one possible inspiration for a group that has terrorized South Africa.

SABC – Ref. 1701

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