The Great Feminism Debate: Is Generational Trauma Responsible for Romantic Terrorism”?

The Great Feminism Debate: Is Generational Trauma Responsible for Romantic Terrorism”?

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Today I discuss love under the pressure of patriarchy: how do traditional gender roles shape the way men and women (cisgender / heterosexual) go about romance today? Also, because feminism inspired women to remove the male-power structure from sex, what are the other ways men seek power in love? How can we explore “romantic terrorism” in dating during 2020?

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  1. The story about your grandfather not having respect for women or love was a really great anecdote for the way men are conditioned to be. I'm really wish it wasn't this way. What's heartening to me is knowing that many people are doing the work to change things though it could be many more and it's a sign that the culture needs an immediate and drastic shift.

  2. I love this video ???? you look great btw! It’s so difficult being vulnerable in this day and age bc not many people are committed to healing so I feel like I have to constantly play the defence game to protect myself and it’s exhausting. Women deserve better.


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