Gangstalking terrorist tries to outrun the camera

Gangstalking terrorist tries to outrun the camera


  1. Good thing is, now the streets are more and more dead at least where I'm at, it's incredibly easy to identify these people. They like to ride TOGETHER. You'll see convoys of them. They like to get behind and in front of you and on the sides if they can do, and control your speed. They also purposefully pull out, cut you off, they're doing this to buy time so they can set up their perimeter. They absolutely hate it when you take all kinds of unexpected routes you never took before.

  2. That's what these cowards always do they take off immediately when u spot them. He was a one headlight bandit creep alright up to no good. On saturday night I was walking home I was getting close about 1 block away. And all of the sudden 3 cars come out from around the corner. And they all started to speed up. These people more like demons to me that the government recruits are just pure evil.


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