ISIS attack on Sikh Gurudwara in Afghanistan.

ISIS attack on Sikh Gurudwara in Afghanistan.

A gruesome act of ISIS by invading in Sikh temple and causing a huge massacre of killing innocent people. the whole world is condemning the heinous act of terrorism.


  1. Whenever there is muslim attack on Sikhs or Hindus there is no propaganda by New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, Al Jazira News,
    Only when Muslims are killed then we can see propaganda of the news on the global News Papers, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter.
    This happens because petrol dollars funds the global news papers, media and social media platforms.
    It is also seen the when Sikhs and Hindus are killed there is no mass propaganda in United Nations, European Parliament, UK Parliament, further even no public hearing in USA congress like the ones done for Kashmiri and muslims persecution. This also suggests there is mass funding of the politicians, journalists, activists by muslim petro dollars.
    Khalsa Aid is also muted when Sikhs are killed but they are very loud and active when Rohingya were affected.
    We seen in recent times how Rohingya and New Zealand mosque attack created global out cry in media and news papers. Same happened when only internet was shut down in kashmir.
    Siculars in India are also silent and so is NDTV when sikhs are killed.
    There Talibaani attacks are supported and trained by Pakistan but world will not penalize Pakistan army either.


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