Trump Resists Calls for National Shutdown While Crisis in New York Deepens | TODAY

Trump Resists Calls for National Shutdown While Crisis in New York Deepens | TODAY

Most of the country is now under stay-at-home orders by local officials, but President Trump is so far resisting calls for a nationwide shutdown. Meanwhile, the coronavirus crisis in the New York tri-state area is deepening. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY from Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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Trump Resists Calls for National Shutdown While Crisis in New York Deepens | TODAY


  1. He knows that will tank the economy and he doesnt want that on his resume. So he's passing the buck to State Govenors. Gee, what a "Wartime President." ????Draft Dodger.

  2. Agree with Pres. Trump that each state should make the decision concerning a lockdown. Governors are elected to make decisions concerning their state. Gov. Cuomo himself said Trump has no right to declare a nation wide lockdown – he felt it would be illegal. Can you imagine the Fake News response. BTW – once the pandemic is under control there should be an investigation of state and local governments ready preparedness for these kinds of disasters. The Federal Government is there to help and assist – that means on a regular basis states need to inventory their emergency stockpile and go to congress for funds as needed. Doesn’t seem as if the states were at all ready for this pandemic so immediately screamed at big daddy. State governments need to wake up. At least the federal government is doing their best to help contain COVID-19.

  3. If we lose Doctor's and nurses, we will be wiped out. We can't keep going like this. Tulsa Oklahoma has modeled that if we don't make drastic changes, there will be over 350,000 infections and 1,500 deaths. I live in Oklahoma City and we have many more cases than Tula. Our Governor won't release our model. It's my humble opinion that if we don't do a National Lockdown, our economy will never recover. At the rate we are going, our country will look like the wild west.


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