I overcame an Islamist cult and came out as a lesbian – ASK ME ANYTHING!

I overcame an Islamist cult and came out as a lesbian – ASK ME ANYTHING!

In this first episode of ASK ME ANYTHING, our guest Zorah is answering questions from strangers about her enrolment into a radical muslim cult at a young age and how she overcame this to live openly as a lesbian. Married to a man at 16, she had many obstacles to overcome and she kindly shares her ideas about life and what made her never give up.

Find her website and services as an intuitive healer on: www.earthangelzorah.com

Due to Covid-19 we have shot this interview through Skype so apologies for camera freezes and technical imperfections.

Help and information for victims of cults, their families and friends: https://cultinformation.org.uk

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